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I mean the origin thought must be another or arabic policemen wouldn't accept this.

Hope someone could answer me In Egypt , Orfi marriage is a marriage but in shadows, and because it is still a marriage so it is legally accepted, in this marriage, the woman has no rights at all, and as it is not fully legally registered, without the piece of paper written between the man and the woman and signed with some kind of lawyer, without it present the government will not even listen to the wife in any complains regarding this marriage, even if the paper is present the wife has only the right to ask for children expenses "if she gives birth to those children during this Orfi Marriage" shortly Orfi Marriage is only usefull for the man because he will have fun without too much obligations and expenses and imagine what ?!

it is fun accepted by the law, because in Egypt policemen can easily arrest him if they investsigate and found that he lives with a woman in a place outside marriage.