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countdown the best tv detectives and sleuths, from maigret and mcnulty to.

followers react to radcliffe's rather vulgar tweet clearly directed at ron weasly actor, rupert grint. word from daniel or his publicist on the matter since, but only a few hours after the interview daniel took to his personal twitter account and tweeted “fuck all redheads!

there, the trio was to make an appearance and answer a few questions from children who live at a local orphanage.

of the children in the front row are hit with rupert's blood, while dan storms off stage, stopping only once, as he passes emma to let a single tear fall from his face.“it was really a challenge for me, as an actor, of course., “one take was enough” for the high-pressure scene as watson also found the experience mildly traumatising.

even before my relationship ended," she told British Vogue magazine.


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